Monday, March 2, 2009


in the studio of Legendary EASY MOE BEE bumped into Super Porn Star HEATHER HUNTER! Heather is real good peoples, she was there with her artists recording an album. People don't sleep Ms. Hunter got some joints yall. Her personality was very warm along with her gental voice. We were vibing hard to beats all night. She is very much into her music, she loves Hip Hop more than I thought as MOE BEE and myself were surprised.

My man EASY MOE BEE and myself are cooking up some heat for yall coming soon later this year. We talkin about classic EASY MOE BEE flavor, BIGGIE SMALLS "READY TO DIE" joints!! I been recording records with EASY MOE BEE since 95. I remember MOE playing me the original "WARNING" beat that BIG spit on years ago. The man is crazy special! The game needs him badly right now. So stay tuned for the latest of what is to come as I will keep my loyal readers posted. Peace!


  1. Mo Bee is a legend! Great News to Hear!

    Do you still have any of those joints you recorded in '95?

  2. Peace Thomas, I actually do have those joints somewhere in the stash on those old Maxell cassette tapes..LOL!! But the new shit is fya for the internet, that "Robotic futuristic George Jetson.."

  3. B.A.M. & Easy Mo Bee gonna be crazy definitely bring back that real hip hop!!!!!!!! 456