Friday, February 27, 2009


THE B.A.M. & RIC RUDE PROJECT came about by two people discussing their passion for hip hop and wanting to put out great music based off of the chemistry that was clearly undeniable.

My homie super producer RIC RUDE (QB's finest) has been putting out underground hits for artists such as PRODIGY, BIG NOYD, FUNK MASTER FLEX, INFAMOUS MOBB, DIP SET, CORMEGA, GHOSTFACE KILLAH, NATURE, and RAZELL to name a few!! Me and RUDE started recording after introduced to by another producer by the name of Drea Trax over 8 years ago.

Putting together this album with DJ OMEN another one of my partners of WAR MACHINE INC. was quite an experiance. We enjoyed working with all the artists on the entire album, over 25 songs recorded. The album consists of features with my cousin LIL FAME of M.O.P., KEITH MURRAY, ROYCE DA 5'9, CHUBB ROCK, KILLAH PRIEST (twin) SMOOTHE DA HUSTLA, LIL DAP "GROUP HOME" official remix wit HELL RELL, TRAGEDY KHADAFI, INFAMOUS MOBB and PRODIGY.

Each track is filled with powerful lyrics and concepts. Heavy drums and hard hitting energy. We truly brought back the essence of real hip hop! One of my favorate records is a tribute song to A TRIBE CALLED QUEST's "LYRICS TO GO". I always loved the flow Q-Tip delivered on that song, so I saluted to the homie with a tribute joint. I really think the people are going to love that one alot. Every listening session we have people get pumped up off it!! We are so so excited on putting it out this Spring/Summer. I must thank brothers like CHUBB ROCK (Histoy Music Mentor), SERG (Management), COOL V (Marketing), JENNIFER (P.R.) and DAN GREEN (promotions) involved with pushing this project for it to be all it can be. Without a team you are standing out in the cold....ass naked ya heard!

Thank you for reading this entry. I will keep you all posted on new joints on BAM TV (youtube) MY SPACE and other outlets!! THE B.A.M. & RIC RUDE PROJ. "THE NEW GOLDEN ERA" coming soon!!!

"YO WHAT HAPPEN TO PEACE?.........PEAACCEE!!!" -Eric B. & Rakim (Paid In Full)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

B.A.M. meets BIGGIE

Greetings to all of you who are reading this blog. I would like to share with you one of my unforgettable moments as an artist in the music industry. Being signed to Columbia/Sony in the late 90's allowed me to have the blessing in meeting and working along side many multi-platinum artists. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. being one of the greats.

It was a cold winter in Pakipsee, New York at a local club. The spot was packed with party goers and hip hop fan. On the performing roster was THE FUGEES, NAS, CRAIG MACK, and DA BUSHBABIES hosted by no other than "BIGGIE SMALLS" (NOTORIOUS B.I.G.) Myself being there to network and mingle with my label mates back stage, I was not aware that I was going to experiance a classic moment that would remain with me throughout my entire life.

Backstage with my manager we mingled with "PUFF DADDY" (P. DIDDY) Wyclef, Craig Mack and BIG. Diddy was pacing back and forth on top of the show promoters to ashure that everything was in place for the surprise performance by BIG. The crowd was only looking forward to seeing BIG host the show with a huge disappointment that he wasnt on the roster to perform.

This was my first time meeting BIG. We were introduced and we gave each other a pound and he said "IGHT, WHAT UP..BAM! BAM!" in a joking fasion. I smiled as we were chowing down on a bucket of KFC.

The club was packed and BIG took the stage interacting with the crowd. BIG had a special way of winning over people in general let alone an entire arena of over 5,000! In quote, I remember this as if it took place yesterday...."YO THEY TOLD ME I CANT PERFORM, ALL IM SUPPOSED TO DO IS HOST"...(crowd shouts out song titles "Unbelievable"! "Juciey"!) "SHOULD I DO IT?!" (crowd shouts out "yeeaa"!!) ....BIG stands still and looks back at the Dj. The Dj shrugs his shoulders as if to say "what the hell" BIG says "AIGHT FUCK IT"!!

BIG is truly missed and will remain in our hearts forever. Till next time, Peace!!

Monday, February 9, 2009